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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jeremy Lin - "A Believer from the Beginning"

    Years ago, Jeremy Lin asked his pastor, "How can I use basketball to honor God?" Even then, Lin knew that every athlete and every artist should use their gifts and talents to God's glory, helping family, community and others.  Lin's success is prophetic, just look at the positive reaction and changes already taking place throughout the United States and China alone! We all should be able to make a profound difference during our lifetimes, using the God-given potential we've each been given. Too many people fall short - don't recognize and appreciate talents in themselves or their children, and even worse - get in the way of those who do.

     At Phillysportsmom (all one word - watch out for those attempting to hijack the brand), our goal is to consult, instruct, motivate, encourage - even push -  athletes and their moms (and those dads who will listen) to step out on faith, maximize the gifts given. We show you how to "claim your inheritance," how to reach success no matter where you are, but especially in inner cities around the globe. We speak from experience, not just theory, as we've already "done it" for many decades and are awaiting God's favor in the upcoming MLB Draft.  We're just replicating a proven template, honed years ago when my great-grandfather met W.E.B. DuBois in Philadelphia.  As a direct result of that influence, the family's  trajectory was changed for generations to come,  Also, find us at and C'mon, join the team.

Cheryl A. Mobley-Stimpson

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Fighting - A Thing of the Past in Hockey?

This is definitely good news! It's what Sports Moms everywhere have known all along - condoning fighting in sports makes no sense at all! Let common sense prevail!

Alvernia University Baseball Player Finished Second in Western Division (NYCBL)

Here are the NYCBL Western Division stats for leaders. Leon Mandela Stimpson, OF (Alvernia University, Reading, PA), finishes second to Chris Bostick - who was signed by the Oakland Athletics.

That "Kid from South Philly" shows his stuff and solidifies his position as a 2012 MLB Prospect. 

South Philly Player finishes third (Batting Average) in New York Collegiate Baseball League

Lesson learned - never let others define you and what they think you can do! Keep God first - defy all odds! Hard work definitely pays off! Fifth-generation South Philadelphian, Leon Mandela Stimpson, competes with the best players in the New York Collegiate Baseball League (NYCBL) and comes out on top!